IRON by Madisyn Carlin

Man oh man, I can’t believe Madisyn Carlin is ALREADY releasing another book. Okay, in reality it felt like a century before I could get this thing to read, but I didn’t grow a head if white hairs and get wrinkles like I thought I might waiting for it.


Where do I start?????


Enforcing justice comes with a price.

Detective Redwyn “Red” Deathan will stop at nothing to uncover those behind the ruthless kidnappings of multiple children. But things are not as they seem, and Red’s efforts are thwarted at every turn. With each discovery the danger grows, putting Red and the lives of those she cares about at risk. Can she reveal the mastermind’s identity before she herself becomes a target?

The Characters: Good gracious me, they’re like…perfect for each other! Their ARCs were crafted amazingly.

Red (Redwyn) is a prime example of a girl who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her sense of responsibility as a detective and a cousin to the princess really adds a lot of oomph to her. And this all builds up to the end when-spoiler. Aghhhh, those terrible spoilers! I can’t say anything I want to!

Carter, the one male main character just reaches out and nabs your heart like no one else (besides Holder in DECEIVED cause he’s my favoritist ever.;)). In this Cinderella retelling, he is, in affect, Cinderella. Sorry buddy, there’s no other way to put it. He is so abused and uncared for, then when the really really bad spoiler happens, he finds what he’s truly been longing for, both the answers to his burning questions about how God would let all those terrible things happen to him and others and someone to love him no matter what happens. (I mean, Red does cause she’s basically like his sister, but that’s sisterly love there and doesn’t count. ;))

Char (Charmonix). I have officially dubbed her ‘Char’ as in “the burnt building, charred and smoldering”. No ‘Shar’s in my vocabulary, thank you. Char also must carry the weight of her kingdom on her shoulders while being forced into a marriage she has no desire to enter. She gets to pick her guy, but the poor thing doesn’t know anybody. She’s just not a girl who hangs out with guys. So imagine what happens when a handsome stranger shows up at the masquerade ball and gives her a dash of fresh air with his respect and disapproval for “the princess being vied for like a horse or cow”. Those weren’t the exact words, but pretty close. And THEN when the massive spoiler happens….*screams* She gets to meet her true love!
Denton: Yes, I just had to add him in here. He’s Carter’s step brother, and, while it may seem he’s callous and a bit uncaring at first, he definitely won my heart by the end of the book. And what happened at the wedding. XD XD XD. That’s got to be one of the funniest parts to imagine.
And the horses, yes there is lots of mentions of them in there. Each one has its own personality and I’ve never seen this in any book I’ve ever read. Its amazing!

I love how Madisyn has been able to steer the Cinderella retelling away from love at first sight and instead use common reasoning and a plot that brings her characters together in faith and love. Plus there’s action, mystery, humor, and EVERYTHING in there. The romance is well done, not the center of the book, but definitely in there. (Someone give me a stick to beat Draymond and Anthony over the head with, please. They is intolerable and wholly evil. :C)

IRON deals with human trafficking and can be blunt at times, but there’s no use of skirting around the subject. I would let my little sisters read this book (From ages eleven to fifteen), because, though it is New Adult rated, it doesn’t have anything dirty or too gory, plus its message is amazing.

So I’m giving this work of art five stars. You can’t find many books like this out there. I’m happy to say I completely trust Madisyn Carlin to write wholesome books with nothing graphically nauseating. And I can also trust that when she tackles and issue (which she does in every manuscript) she isn’t going to skip around the topic. She’s courageous enough to spit it out and say what it truly is. This I appreciate immensely.

I would encourage anyone looking for a Christian magic-less fantasy to look into IRON. It doesn’t have that horrid (but amazing) cliff hanger like DECEIVED, but its ending leaves you wanting more. IRON is not a light, fluffy book, but its not overwhelming either.

And stay tuned for more released from Madisyn Carlin coming up!!!!!!!! And feel free to tell her to get moving on them since she refuses to take a vacation.

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How to find Madisyn Carlin (cause we all know she’s an introvert that hides under rocks while her characters get all of the heat from the villains😠)

Madisyn’s Contact

(I beta read this book for the author and have left an honest review in my wake of glaring at the antagonists and mooning over the protagonists)

And just for the record, I did pull this review from the one I wrote on Goodreads. Totally did not stay up all night binge watching Sue Thomas F.B.I. with my sisters.

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    1. Well-I can’t help saying what I see. You sure didn’t help poor Red out of her predicament.

      It’s not like we haven’t watched the whole series three times over already. 😇 The Jack and Sue thing though-😡

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