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The Book We’ve All Been Waiting For

Today is a special day. A special day indeed. Can you guess why? No, its not because its the last day of February, though I am very ready for spring, and its not because my battery charge level is at 5%.


Now you’re wondering, what in the world is KEY? Well, you’re about to find out!

KEY is a Christian Fantasy Fairytale Retelling

Thats right! Its another book by Madisyn Carlin! And get this, its the third in her Redwyn Chronicles series!!!!


When Nerissa Wessen finds an unconscious man near her village, she knows one thing: trouble is on its way. What she doesn’t anticipate is the stranger’s charming smile—or the reason why he’s in her land in the first place.

Detective Denton Yindell wants only to put his past behind him and make good on a failed promise. When unforeseen circumstances place him on the doorstep of the very people who can help, Denton must convince the distrustful villagers to assist him.

But good intentions can bring about disastrous consequences, and when Denton’s past hunts him down, Nerissa’s family and village are threatened. Can two hearts—one wary and one wounded—learn to trust before evil eradicates those who oppose it?


Releases: March 28, 2023

Genre: Christian Fantasy

Age: New Adult 

Retelling: Rapunzel


-Addresses Human Trafficking

– There will be violence, but as usual, nothing gratuitous

– Two POVs.

– There is no profanity whatsoever; the author’s great-grandma could read this book without squirming.


Madisyn Carlin is a Christian, homeschool graduate, blogger, voracious bookdragon, and author. When not spending time with her family or trekking through the mountains, she weaves tales of redemption, faith, and action.

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And now for the beautiful beautiful cover!

Isn’t that such an amazing cover?!!! I tell you, I thought IRON (the first book) looked good, but then I bought the paperback and put it on my shelf and IT LOOKS EVEN BETTER IN PHYSICAL FORM!!!!! That blue is absolutely ravishing!

So, now you all are wondering how to get this amazing book. Well, sad news, it ain’t finished yet. If you all know characters, you know they insist on making their stories longer and longer….and longer………..and LONNNGGEERRRRR. Thankfully Denton and Nerissa are in good hands. Though Madisyn has a soft heart towards her babies, she DOES realize there is a deadline and she will get KEY finished in time. Take it from an expert on the subject. O:) BUTTTTT there is good news!!!!!! You can preorder!!!!!



Now THAT bit of grumpiness is from who is going to be your favorite character, Denton.

And this, I’m assuming…probably wrong…Nerissa? Is that you?

Yes, well, I’d have to agree with that. Half-dead young men are usually trouble.

So there you have it! The cover reveal for KEY by Madisyn Carlin! Be sure to check out her other books on her website and swing by her blog! There’s more stories to be told and adventures to be had!


10 thoughts on “The Book We’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. As usual, you crack me up, K. XD ❤ Thank you so much for helping with the reveal!

    And, no, that is not Nerissa, although she certainly shares the sentiment as of now. XD (And am I going to finish KEY on time? We'll see.)

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